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Can CBD Help My Arthritis?

cbd for arthritis uk

The best CBD tablets and capsules for arthritis

At Associated CBD we are a CBD Marketplace with one of the widest ranges of CBD products in the UK. This means we get to try a wide variety of the best CBD tablets and capsules for anxiety, pain, sleep or other conditions. In this blog we have built a guide for the best CBD tablets and capsules, which are focused on customers that prefer to dose in this way as opposed to the CBD oils that some people prefer to avoid. 

Many of our CBD tablets go beyond just CBD and some incorporate other vitamins and supplements that aim to alleviate specific problems. CBD Night Tabs are a perfect example designed to specifically help with sleep, but we also have others that focus on brain health or joint pain including high quality ingredients like turmeric or glucosamine. Click here to see our full list of CBD tablets and capsules UK.

In this blog we are focused on the best CBD tablets and capsules for joint pain and arthritis. But before we go to these, let's try to understand how CBD may be able to help with arthritic and joint pain in 2022.

CBD for arthritic pain


Can CBD help with arthritis?

There is much anecdotal evidence of how CBD can help reduce many of the symptoms of arthritis, whether that be masking pain, easing the joints, or reducing inflammation. Much of these are likely to come about due to the impacts on the ECS system, and potentially triggering the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Cannabinoids, and CBD in particular interact with receptors that influence pain and inflammation in the body. Scientists believe that CBD affects how these receptors respond to the signals they receive, possibly helping reduce inflammatory pain.

You can read in much more detail about how this may be the driving force by clicking the link here!


Best CBD tablets and capsules for arthritis and joint pain 

Ritual London blend of CBD and Turmeric Capsules are uniquely formulated to improve overall health and wellness. Ritual London 750mg CBD Turmeric and Black Pepper Super Strength with each capsule containing  a concentrated dose of 25mg of CBD, Turmeric and Black Pepper for maximum bioavailability. We would also be of the belief that by teaming this with other well researched compounds such as fish oils and glucosamine you could really begin to see some effects on arthritic pain. This powerful combination supports healthy joints, boosts brain and heart function, supports systemic, full body health so you can enjoy life to the fullest. Glucosamine and Omega 3 fish oils are readily available in supermarkets and online, and are taken by millions of people in the UK.

 CBD for joint pain

Other uses for CBD tablets and capsules

Best CBD tablets for sleep

CBD Asylum Night Tabs - If a customer is struggling with sleep and is looking for a natural combination to try, these capsules are a highly recommended suggestion. CBD Night tabs contain a blend of CBD, 5-HTP, and lavender. 5-HTP is a precursor to serotonin and melatonin are critical components for sleep, anxiety and lethargy. We’ve had some very positive feedback and reviews from customers reporting deeper and more meaningful sleep when using these night time tablets.

Another favourite for sleep and worth considering are the  - 1 Step CBD 50 soft gel capsules 2500mg max tabs have their CBD extracted from USA based organic hemp, is THC free and has been subject to third party lab tests to ensure that their purity, potency as well as their safety is guaranteed. Associated CBD have a wide range of 1 Step CBD tablets/capsules for sleep in different strengths and many are buy one get one free so get double the amount for your spend!


Best CBD tablets for brain health

Taking CBD tablets for arthritis is a common occurrence, but there are increasing amout of supplements designed to develop brain health. Many of these are known as Nootropics or medicinal mushrooms and can be combined with CBD to give a broader range of health benefits

CBD Asylum Nootropics - Again CBD Asylum have another great product in their nootropics range mixing some key brain health ingredients with CBD.

1 Step CBD Capsules - The 1 Step CBD Capsules are also broad spectrum and the interaction of the other cannabinoids may help reduce anxiety or stress levels. We are big fans of the ultra high strength 2500mg tablets linked above. 

We also have a great range of mushrooms, that don't specifically contain CBD, but are another great alternative for people looking for natural remedies to boost health and wellness.

Chaga - Stated to be anti-ageing, immune boosting and detoxifying.

Reishi - This mushroom is typically associated with enhanced mood and mental wellbeing. So if you are looking for this type of effect, give them a go!

Lion’s Mane - One of the most famous nootropic medicinal mushrooms, these are though to aid Neuro support and improved cognition, memory and focus.

Cordyceps - Are taken by many athletes looking for performance & recover gains with some people reporting reduced fatigue and a healthier libido! 

 cbd tablets and capsules uk




What CBD oils are best for anxiety?

This is a question which will depend very much on the user. We find just as many of our customers opting for a cbd isolate based oil as we do for those looking at full spectrum or even broad spectrum oils. It is very much a question that is best tested by each person to find which CBD oils work best for them. The common advantage to CBD full spectrum oils are in regards to the well known combination of CBD with other cannabinoids called the entourage effect. The combination of other cannabinoids with CBD are said to interact with one another to have a more profound impact. However on the flip side, we find many customers who want the purest form of CBD with no further cannabinoids and for these users a CBD isolate remains their best bet.

How much CBD oil should I take?

So this brings us full circle to the heading of the blog post. Well to be honest, ultimately it depends. If you are a new user, we would typically suggest trying a CBD isolate oil and going for a small dosage in the region of 10mgs. You can then build this up over the following days and weeks to test your tolerance and see how your body reacts up to a limit of 70mg. We always remind people that you can dose far higher than this, and there are studies that have supported its safety profile as high as 1500mg per day, but we would certainly not suggest anyone to do that!

I’ve taken CBD in small doses before but now I want to try CBD for anxiety, so what do you suggest?

For a more seasoned CBD user, we might suggest trying a broad spectrum of full spectrum CBD oil but would still look to start small with a dosage in the 10-25mg category. This allows any user to build up overtime and to really test how the CBD interacts with your body and if it really helps with your sleeping patterns.

Can I take CBD everyday?

Yes, you can take CBD everyday and in fact building up CBD in your system overtime can give some of the greatest benefits as opposed to one-off dosages. At Associated CBD we rarely go a day without CBD for many years and are fighting fit :)

Which CBD oil is best?

We like to think variety is an important factor, and that is one reason at Associated CBD we try to hold a wide variety of CBD strengths, types and products! There is no best CBD out there, it is about what works best for you and your body.

Are there studies that can support CBD helping with anxiety?

Yes, there are plenty of studies that support CBD having effects on anxiety and many of our customers have left positive reviews for how it has supported them in this way. Some of our  blogs look in more detail at these studies.

How much CBD oil should I take?

Well to be honest, ultimately it depends. If you are a new user, we would typically suggest trying a CBD isolate oil and going for a small dosage in the region of 10mgs. You can then build this up over the following days to test your tolerance and see how your body reacts up to a limit of 70mg per day.

Is CBD oil safe?

Yes, it is perfectly safe and legal to consume and all our products have a legal limit of THC below 0.2% and lab reports are available for all our CBD products. All our CBD products are sold with a Novel food application number if required. 

Will CBD get me high?

No, CBD will not get you high as CBD is not the psychoactive element of Cannabis Sativa group of plants that gives the “high”, known as THC. The THC element and all our CBD products for pain relief contain less than 0.2% THC as legally permitted in the UK.

Can I take CBD on holiday?

The answer to this question is always - do your research first! Whilst our CBD products are legal and safe to use in the UK, in other countries there are specific laws that need to be followed. We have a blog that covers some of this but please be sure to check the local laws at your destination on their governing website. The rules and regulations are changing all the time, so be safe!

CBD interacts with the ECS

Every human being has an ECS and some researchers believe that CBD interacts with a core component of the endocannabinoid receptors in your brain and immune system. These receptors (CB1 and CB2 receptors) are tiny proteins attached to your cells. They receive chemical signals from different stimuli and help your cells respond. This response creates anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects that may help with many of the renowned benefits we hear about CBD. 

Thanks for reading, and reach out to us via chat or email for further questions! : )

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This article makes no specific health claims for CBD and is provided for general information only and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional. If you have any concerns about your health, you should contact your local health care provider.

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