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Green Apron 100mg CBD Camasatra Shampoo - 6 Pack - Associated CBD

Green Apron 100mg CBD Camasatra Shampoo - 6 Pack

Green Apron
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Your personality reflects the way you carry your hair. Your hair is a prime reason for you to be confident. Green Apron understands and provides customers with the best. Lavender oil is known to promote hair growth by nourishing the hair aptly. Besides that, its anti-microbial properties rinse and cleanse the scalp to get rid of any bacteria. The nourishing attributes of lavender cure your scalp and prevent dandruff. Ylang ylang oil, as it can induce sebum development, is suitable for those with dried scalps. Ylang ylang can enhance hair volume and decrease hair breakage, as the lack of necessary oil and sebum induces hair to become rough and damaged. Neroli oil can help relieve scratches and rashes triggered by drying scalp and dandruff, thanks to its ideally calming and cleaning characteristics. The organic sebum-balancing attributes and delicate conditioning of neroli can help scalps that overproduce or under-generate natural oils. These ingredients combined with extra nourishing additives render a rich lather and treatment to restore the natural goodness of your hair.

- Pack of 6 shampoo's
- Vegetable based
- Excellent fragrance lift
- Contains hemp oil
- Each bar contains 100mg CBD
- High glycerine content for rich lather
- Made with soothing aloe vera
- Free from the surfactant Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
- Induces hair growth
- Contains conditioning additives