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Happy Hemper 200mg Body Balm - 30ml - Associated CBD

Happy Hemper 200mg Body Balm - 30ml

Happy Hemper
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The Happy Hemper 200mg Cold Pressed CBD body balm oil is a remarkable product that has been carefully crafted to provide relief and support for a wide range of ailments. Made through a cold-pressed process, this CBD oil ensures the preservation of all the beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant. 

Made with using only natural and organic ingredients,  our luxurious soothing balm contains a nutrient-rich blend of essential oils.

Perfect for soothing damaged skin, easing aches and pains in joints and muscles. Each jar contains full-spectrum CBD and is independently lab tested for purity and quality.

Dosage: Take a generous amount of body balm and rub gently into any problem areas to soothe and rejuvenate skin.